Welcome to Hurley, Wisconsin. Just one of the many thousands of small town’s dotted across the US map. With only a small portion of the already humble population being supernatural it should be nice and quiet. And yet there’s lately been a lot of buzz lately about it over the paranet. Most likely being caused by the sudden and unexplained crimes of passion that have happened over the last week there. Civilians in mass just starting to murder, steal, and anything else one might imagine. And after the fact the people left as confused and clueless as to the reasoning behind their behavior as anyone. Then there’s the mysterious cult that is rumored to be in the area. The message being spread around is they offer safety and stability to any scions who wish it. As if that wasn’t enough you can’t even walk the street’s at night without risking being attacked by wolves, and yet no wolves live in the woods. So much noise for such a little town. Who is having their strings pulled, and who is the one doing the pulling?

Hoodwink in the Backwoods